4 Health Hacks Utilizing Hydrogen

What Is Hydrogen Therapy?

I’m sitting at my desk, breathing in H2, knowing that active H2 is a great antioxidant which is scientifically proven, and I’ve been recommending Hydrogen machines since 2017. Yet it is this old wise saying when you start something you think you know everything about it, and the longer you do something, the less you seem to know. Recently I’ve contemplating on this tiny molecule H2, and I’ve had some profound insights on it, which I will share in this blog, which will give you a much deeper understanding of the therapeutic benefits of H2, plus in unwrapping these insights, are 4 ways to increase your health with H2, in what will seem completely different, yet is all H2 in totally different forms.

The 4 Different Forms of H2 We Will Look at Are …

  1. Far Red Light from Sun Light, by fusing two H2 Molecules together
  2. Active H2 Water and Active H2 Gas by using a H2 Machine
  3. Ice Bath, by freezing H20, which can help make brown fat
  4. Supplements C60 and Nicotinamide Mononucleotide which both contains H2

Far Red Sunlight

So, this is far out, in the middle of the sun a fusion reaction happens between two H2 molecules fusing together under the pressure of the sun, producing a helium molecule and a gamma sun ray. The interesting part of this, is that from the center of the sun to the surface of the sun it should just take about 3 minutes for this gamma ray to get to the surface, if it went in a straight line. Yet! it takes 100, 000 years bouncing back and forth inside the sun, to get to the surface of the sun, and then once it leaves the surface of the sun it takes about 8 minutes to get to the earth. Now if this took let’s say 50, ooo years instead of 100, 000 years the planet would be super-hot, or let’s say it took 200, 000 years instead then it would be super cold. This careful balance of nature is phenomenal when I consider it.

Most days I watch the morning sunrise and sunset if I can. The far-red light from the sun in the morning does help with producing more melatonin and it helps to set your circadian rhythm, so I do feel I sleep much better because of it, and I do feel my mood is better and I’m more alert during the day because of it. Then with the mid-day sun, I do try to get 30 mins of sunlight onto my skin, which helps the body to produce Vitamin D3, which is great for the immune system.

On top of that on a more spiritual note, the more conscious I become over the years, the more appreciation I have for this piece of art, which is beyond words, and from watching the sun come up, which is the start of the day, and to watch the sunset drop below the horizon, knowing that this day, is all but gone, really connects me to the cycle of life. There is that saying we are the son of the sun, are bodies are literally made up mainly of Hydrogen, 62% to be precise, and I find it fascinating how different forms of hydrogen have such an effect on our health, as you will see in this blog.

Active H2 Water and Active H2 Gas

Water (H20) already has hydrogen in it, yet it is not in its active form as a free moving H2 Molecule, it is bound to oxygen, as soon as it is released from the oxygen molecule, the H2 turns into the most effective selective antioxidant there is, scavenging your body for only harmful free radicals.

There are 2 ways I use my hydrogen machines daily. One is to bubble the H2 gas into a glass of drinking water for about 3 minutes, which produces active h2 molecules in the water, which I then drink, which goes directly to my digestive tract, helping to supply the best selective antioxidant into that area.

The second way is that I breath in the H2 made by the hydrogen machine between 30mins to 2 hours a day while working at my desk. This H2 gas goes straight to my lungs and into blood system, again supplying that area with most effective selective antioxidant there is.

If you’re interested in a hydrogen water bottle, or a hydrogen machine, please check out our product page.

Ice Bath

Another form of H2 is ice. I’ve been practicing the Wim Hoff method of Ice Baths with my amazing wife for the previous year. My wife has Haimotos, and we were talking to her thyroid Doctor about if building up brown fat can help support her thyroid. His answer was that brown fat is well known scientifical, to have many health benefits, and he has heard of a very few cases that with the increase of brown fat, that has had helped reverse Haimotos, in a very small number of cases, the only problem he said is that very few people have the discipline to constantly have ice cold baths, yet he seemed very curious about it, especially as my wife thyroid was completely not working 8 months ago and now there is a small clear improvement, it will be interesting in time if we see more improvements, with the thyroid possibly being reactivated, which is normally considered not possible at all.

Me and my wife had a period of moving house, and for a few weeks we did not have an ice bath and we really missed the benefits. To be clear, most of the time we really don’t like going into the ice water which we have around 5 -8 degrees. Yet the benefits we feel afterwards is so worth the 2 minutes of being in the ice water. Are mood is lifted, we feel clearer, more energized and knowing all of the other health benefits are going on from the increasing the brown fat, to flushing the lymph system, is an added plus.

A Cold Shower Keeps the Doctor Away

Geert A. Buijze and his colleagues asked 3,000 volunteers in the Netherlands to finish their morning showers with a 30-, 60-, or 90-second blast of cold water, or to shower as they usually did, for 30 consecutive days. Then the researchers looked at the work attendance records of the same people over that period. On average, in all the groups that doused themselves with cold water, people were absent 29% fewer days than people in the control group. The researchers’ conclusion: Cold showers lead to fewer sick days.

How do I start Cold Therapy?

A good start is, after you have finished your hot shower, have between 30 seconds to 2 minutes of a cold shower. Then the next stage is, if it feels suitable for you, is to either fill up a bathtub indoors or get an outdoor bathtub that can cost as little as £50 on amazon and from your freezer add some ice. Or if you want to go the next stage, go to Alibaba.com and type in ice baths and you can get all the professional equipment.

What temperature is right

There is no exact science, or one fit suit all. The trick is to start slowly reducing the temperature. This is the golden rule is it needs, to be uncomfortable but safe. You can start of around 10 to 15°C between 2 to 5 minutes. Please do be careful and never go beyond what feels right for you.

After a period of time maybe 6 months your body may get stronger, your body will probably start to make more brown fat, which has a whole load of health benefits over white fat. From helping to increase your metabolism, to even helping to support your thyroid health. As your strengths builds up, you may want to lower the temperature, some people go to -2 degrees. At this temperature you do have, to have lots of experience, so please take care, and get professional guidance.

How often should you take ice baths?

Again, there is no set rules here, it is rather a case of what works for you. Personally, I have one in the morning before breakfast. With athletes it is showing that straight after a workout is giving the best results with sports recovery. Some people who have a period of stress and are having trouble sleeping a cold dip or shower before sleep can possibly help.

What are the risks of taking ice baths?

Taking an ice bath can be risky, especially if you have certain health conditions. So be sure to talk to your healthcare provider before you try one. Your provider may recommend avoiding ice baths if you have:

  • High blood pressure or heart disease
  • Breast implants or other cosmetic implants
  • Circulatory problems
  • Conditions that increase your sensitivity to cold

Staying in an ice bath for too long can also cause hypothermia, which occurs when your body temperature drops too low. That’s why it’s important to use a timer and keep your ice baths brief. And remember to pay attention to your body. You should get out of an ice bath immediately if you start shivering uncontrollably or notice skin color changes.

C60 and NMN

If you look at the molecule structure of any antioxidant from vitamin C to Q10, it will contain H2. H2 is in every fruit and vegetable, and when you eat it, a small amount of H2 will be released in your digestive tract.  When you look at Carbon 60, which is a carbon molecule, it is often held in olive oil, the inside of this molecule is full of H2, what is interested just on one scientific study that took 5 years showed that rats who were given C60, lived twice the age of a normal rat.

Then when you look at Nicotinamide Mononucleotide a percussor to NAD, again it is full of H2. In this video below Tony Robins shares some of the research with NMN.


When you reflect on part of the creation of our life 100, 000 years ago with the fusion of two tiny H2 molecules fusing together, creating a sun beam, that comes to our earth, that helps grow our fruits and vegetables which we then eat. Knowing our bodies are 68% H2, and everything from having a cold shower (H20), having an ice bath (H20), having a glass of water (H20), breathing fresh air (Oxygen and Hydrogen), eating our fruits and Vegetable that contain (H2). To advanced alchemy using H2 in C60 from the company Red Lion to advanced supplements like NMN. H2 goes on a completely journey that I do not fully understand. I always remember my Geography class looking at the cycle of water, water evaporating from the land, going to form clouds, then the rain drops into the rivers and sea and then its beings again. Now I see the cycle of that tiny H2 molecule in a 100,000-year cycle or more, as that tiny H2 molecule travels back to the sun. This molecule is really something, and then if you look at Emoto Masaru, work on water crystals with different frequency of emotions which hold different pattens, can you now see why I feel I know so little about this H2 molecule.

Recommend Watching

Also, worth the watch on national geographic Chris Hemsworth the actor who play Thor in The Avengers, has made a program called limitless which he goes through the benefits of cold-water therapy and other techniques all in this field of Longevity and wellbeing.

To looking after your happy healthy H2 Molecules

Antony Taylor


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