Decrease Hay Fever With Hydrogen

What is Hayfever

Hay fever is also known as allergic rhinitis, causes cold-like signs and symptoms, such as a runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion, sneezing, and sinus pressure. But unlike a cold, hay fever isn’t caused by a virus

Hay fever is usually worse between late March and September, especially when it’s warm, humid and windy. This is when the pollen count is at its highest.

It is estimated by The Kantar Health data that between  26 to 31% of UK adults experience some hayfever symptoms each year.

Nasal corticosteroids, antihistamines, decongestants, and Oral corticosteroids are some of the common medication to help prevent and treat the nasal inflammation, nasal itching and runny nose caused by hay fever.

Why is hay fever triggered?

Hay fever is an allergic reaction (an immune system overreaction) to pollen released primarily by grasses, but can also be triggered by pollen released from trees.

Pollen particles contain a protein that causes inflammation, irritation and swelling of the nasal passages, but can also affect the eyes and the throat. The pollen (the allergen) causes the release of a substance known as an inflammatory mediator called histamine. It is the histamine that influences the symptoms of ‘hay fever’ in the body

Hydrogen Can Help

Hydrogen can help as it decreases inflammation. A Scientific study in The US National Libary of Medicine published a paper called Beneficial effects of hydrogen gas inhalation on a murine model of allergic rhinitis.

The study followed 106 female mice with hayfever, which were divided into 3 main groups.

  • A controlled group
  • A group  exposed to a helium gas mixture
  • A group that was given hydrogen gas for several hours each day

At the end of the 7-day experiment, the results showed that Hydrogen inhalation alleviates nasal allergic symptoms, and decreased blood and tissue levels of the cytokines and chemokines that can cause allergy symptoms.


From this research, it shows that H2 has the therapeutic potential in helping reduce some of the symptoms of Hayfever.

I believe one of the main causes of hayfever is a confused immune system. I have seen first-hand 5 people who suffer from hayfever get PRP plasma injection and they have all said after this injection for a period of time between 1 to 3 weeks all of their hay fever symptoms disappeared. Here is one scientific paper that may explain why this works Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Provoke Immunomodulatory Response

It could be worth trying Cimtine for 1 to 3 months, which is used for gastric ulcers, but in this case, it also has immune boosting abilities. Here is a scientific paper explaining why this could help  Cimetidine as an immune response modifier

There could be a fungus issue underneath and it may be worth looking at a course of Berberine or CCWS  for 1 or 2 months

I believe the best overall general diet is the paleo diet or caveman diet.

As always reducing stress is the common sense tip, and I have found the teachings from the 3 Principles help me the most with easing the stories of stress.

I hope this helps.

To Your Innate Wellbeing 

Antony Robert Taylor   

Creator of  The Ozone and

Natural Health Coach

Author of Your Greatest Wealth


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