Easing Arthritis

What is Arthritis?

There 2 main types of arthritis rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis both cause joint pain and stiffness. They are both forms of arthritis but have different causes and treatments.

Osteoarthritis occurs when the smooth cartilage joint surface wears out. Osteoarthritis usually begins in an isolated joint. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, which means that the immune system malfunctions and attacks the body instead of intruders.

Although there is no scientific cure for either type of arthritis, in this blog we will look at what natural ways can possibly ease the pain…

1.Hydrogen To Decrease Inflammation

There is good and bad inflammation. The good inflammation is when you have an injury and it initiates cell repair, or it is protecting the body from a harmful substance, both of these types of inflammation last a few days to a few weeks where the redness and swelling goes down.

But chronic long term inflammation is where the immune system is confused and attacks healthy cells, this is harmful inflammation can aggravate conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and Psoriasis.

The good news is Hydrogen can help reduce this harmful inflammation in 4 ways by…

  1. Reduces Oxidative Stress
  2. Down-regulates pro-inflammation cytokines
  3.  Up-regulates inflammatory cytokines
  4. Prevent or prohibit the elevation of excessive inflammation.

On this video from Tywon Hubbard from H2 Minutes explains this in more detail


There have been numerous scientific studies that have been published in the US National Libary of Medicine on the effects of Hydrogen reducing Inflammation, some of these studies are…

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H2Epod E Hydrogen Inhalation For Health and Fitness H2=E Hydrogen Pod isolate 2

2.Pain Relief Gels

Many people use pain relief gels like ibuprofen, which can give instant relief. Yet I believe there is a natural alternative that could give even better results which is if you mix in the palm of your hand 5 drops of pure DMSO oil or some DMSO gel with some arnica gel and then paint this mixture on the skin, over the arthritic joint this will greatly enhance the pain relief effects of the arnica and the DMSO oil will help to heal the joint as it is rich in sulfur, so this could be a good  instant start.

The first 5 minutes when you paint this mixture onto your skin, it can itch, that is why it is best not to massage the mixture into the skin. The itching quickly passes, it itches because DMSO acts as a carrier, and piggybacks the arnica into the joint.

3.Stress and Inflammation

I believe Stress is, without doubt, is the biggest cause of inflammation. When the fight and flight nervous system is on overdrive, causing stress loops with the mind thinking about suffering and the body producing stress hormones, it is simply a downward spiral loop producing inflammation. There are many things that can help break this stress loop from the teachings from The 3 Principles to Yoga, yet our favorite way of creating coherence in the mind and our recommendation is the Advanced training from Dr.Joe Dispenza and his meditation c.ds which we think are gold dust. This is one of the c.ds you could start with if you are interested.

4.Medicinal Herbs

I find there is a real regeneration in rediscovering in ancient old herbal medicine and the more I experience it and look into medical herbs, the more impressed I am by them. There are 3 herbs that completely jump out to me when I think about Arthritis which are

  • Comfrey Oil ( to rub onto joints once or twice daily)
  • Solamen Seal Tea (up to 3 cups a day)
  • Mullen Tea (up to 3 cups a day)

This picture is of Mullen

It is super simple to make your own comfrey oil, by adding some chopped, dried or partially dried comfrey leaves into a large airtight jar and cover with olive oil or argan oil and leave for 6 to 10 weeks, it is best left in a dark room.

Also if you have a garden or some plants pots Mullen and Solamen Seal plants are very easy to grow and you can get the seeds online.
This picture is of Solamen Seal

5.Mineral Testing to Reduce Calcification

At The Ozone Spa, we offer hair mineral testing which we look at the mineral ratio of our clients. Often with people with Arthritis, there is too much calcium, low in boron and sulfur and other minerals are out of balance and by helping correct these  mineral ratios, it can help ease the symptoms of Arthritis, to find out more please visit our Nutrition Testing page and click here 

6.Foods That Cause Inflammation

I believe that it is counterproductive stressing out what you can and cannot eat. I meet too many clients eating the cleanest diet yet get totally stressed out if they get something not quite perfect, and I say to them you might as well be eating organic fear. I am all up for healthy food yet stressing about it, can counteract the benefits of healthy food, so like most things in life, it about getting that balance that is right for you.

What is interesting one of the main reasons any good healthy diet works, is because how much hydrogen is in the food. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in Hydrogen, so if you are breathing in hydrogen your getting many of those benefits you get from healthy fresh food.

Yet saying all this, certain foods and drinks can irritate inflammation in some people. Often the main contenders are fried foods cooked in vegetable oils, gluten or grains that have not been sprouted,  refined processed dairy, and refined sugar, sugary soda drinks. The fake sugars like aspartame are even worse and Alcohol.

If you have inflammation and you notice that these foods or other foods aggravate inflammation, simply avoid them or only have them very occasionally.

7.Foods That Decrease Inflammation

Turmeric or the medical part of turmeric which is called curcumin has hundreds of documented studies showing that it helps with reducing inflammation. Although curcumin supplements are brilliant. I always prefer adding turmeric to my food and cooking with it as research shows that when you mix and cook turmeric with other ingredients such as ginger and black pepper the health benefits of turmeric go up considerably.

Pineapple has long been revered in the world of anti-inflammatory foods. Fresh pineapple contains bromelain, a protein-digesting enzyme known for its anti-inflammatory properties, so if you enjoy  Pineapple, it is worth adding it to your weekly shop.

Garlic and Onions, there’s a good reason why these pungent vegetables are considered anti-inflammatory superstars. Quercetin is found in both onions and garlic and quercetin helps inhibit inflammation-causing agents that play a part in Arthritis. For the greatest benefits, eat garlic raw, or let crushed or chopped cloves stand for 10 minutes before cooking.

You can fill a honey jar with raw garlic cloves and let the garlic infuse into the honey which takes about one week and then you can eat one teaspoon of this honey once a day.

Omega-3 fish oil can be used as an alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for pain, as it reduces the inflammatory response and thereby reduces pain.

8.Supplements that Regenerate Collagen

Bone broth soups are an excellent way to help regenerate collagen and you can also buy health supplements that are made from collagen which can possibly help regenerate the collagen between your joints. So it could also be useful to add in one of these supplements.


PEMF or pulsed electromagnetic field can ease the pain as this study has shown, Low frequency pulsed electromagnetic field–a viable alternative therapy for arthritis.

There are many different PEMF device on the market which is worth researching.

10.PRP Injections

PRP takes advantage of your blood’s natural healing properties to repair damaged cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscle, and bone. It can reduce pain, improve joint function and help you return quickly to normal activities. This therapy is becoming increasingly popular as the effectiveness of it, again it is worth researching this in your local area.


As a Natural Health Coach, I look at the whole picture, so I could just recommend our H2=E pod and I know that would help allot, yet I want to give my clients everything possible to make the biggest possible improvement in ease arthritic pain, so here you have my formula for helping heal arthritis, this formula will not work straight away, yet if you follow all or some of these tips, I expect for you to see some improvement within a month and then if you keep the protocol going the improvement will more than likely continue.

If you have found this information useful, please let me know in the comment box below…

To health and Happiness

Antony Taylor

Natural Health Coach at The Ozone Spa

Creator of H2=E Pod

Author of Your Greatest Wealth









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