H2=E 600 Hydrogen Pod


With this Hydrogen machine you can control the Hydrogen output from 0 up to 600 Ml of  pure Hydrogen per minute. You can also set the time per session. Also you can use the Hydrogen machine to make H2 rich water with a diffusion stone of 0.5 Microns which we will include free of charge with your order, so you can make hydrogen rich water as well.


This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about H2  for Health and About our Hydrogen Machines…

Does the machine come with an automatic shut off? If the water runs low the machine will automatically turn off, but we recommend you to keep the water topped up.

What is the pressure of the machine? Our machine operates at about 0.2 MPa or at least 14 to 20 psi, this high pressure helps with absorption. Plus this is showing the machine is working correctly and nothing is leaking.

How do you clean the machine? You clean the machine by emptying the double distilled water and replacing it with fresh  double distilled water.We advise customers to change the double distilled water of 000 PPM roughly every 4 to 5 Months.

I’m not feeling any Hydrogen coming out of the machine ? This is a common question from clients, the amount of hydrogen coming out is at a relative small level of around  420 to 600 ml per minute , so this in itself is a small amount of air flow , plus hydrogen is the smallest and lightest molecule in the universe. But most people can feel the hydrogen flow coming out of the nasal tube , if they hold it up against the hairs just underneath your nose, or if you add a diffusion stone on to the end of the outflow tube into a glass of water, you can see the bubbles of hydrogen coming out , plus this makes hydrogen rich water.( we can add this to your order)

How do I know Hydrogen is being produced? Your machine comes with an international Certified Certificate proving this. Also you can get ways to test the hydrogen  yourself with the following links from amazon: Link 1 & Link 2.

Is breathing in Hydrogen Safe ? The first publication of linking hydrogen to health was made in 1888, and in 2007 a publication was  made showing Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant, and there are over 700 scientific research papers on hydrogen for health. In all this time there are NO RECORDED KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS  and zero deaths caused by hydrogen inhalation or drinking Hydrogen rich water.

Deep sea divers breathe in 96% Hydrogen and 4 % oxygen to keep them alive. When you breathe in Hydrogen from our Hydrogen machine the level in the air is around 4%.

10% of your body is made from Hydrogen, and any fresh fruits and vegetables contain Hydrogen so you already consume H2. The air we breathe has 0.0001% Hydrogen so you have been breathing it all your life already.At the level of Hydrogen coming out of the machine, it is very safe, and it has no known side effects.

Is it Flammable? The level of hydrogen coming out of the machine is not at a flammable level, and any excess hydrogen you do not breath in very quickly disperses in the air, and at this level is not flammable. Yet sensible precautions are common sense of  e.g not holding a flame near the machine.

What is the water container in the machine made from? It is a BPA free Medical grade plastic container.

How long has our factory been making these machines? They have been  producing hydrogen machines for more than 20 years.

How long is the machine expected to last ?  If the machine is maintained well and the double distilled water is changed  every 4 to 5 months the estimated running time is around 11,000 hours.

How does the quality compared to the Japanese models? Our Chinese machines are very similar to the Japanese models, but ours are much better value.  We weighed this factor up very carefully, with price and quality and found our Chinese Factory came out on top.

This machine is  expensive I’m I getting good value? The thing you want to consider is if you divide 11,000 hours by £2150 you get  19p per hour and for that you are getting the best selective antioxidant there is, so you will need a lot less health supplements.

I’m not feeling anything when I breath in the Hydrogen? We have found people in general good health often say they do not hardly feel any benefits from breathing in the hydrogen.

We have found we have good feedback from Athletes who push themselves to their limit and the common testimony is that their work out is stronger and their recovery time is better.

We have found people with chronic health conditions, joint pain, asthma and  inflammatory conditions , often comment that the hydrogen does make a positive difference to their overall health, some people give the feed back that they feel the benefits quickly within days and some people find that it takes a few weeks to notice the benefits.

We have also found each client is individual and many clients comment that they feel the benefits from breathing in the hydrogen from different lengths of time, some clients  breath in the H2  for 30 minutes and some breath it all night as they sleep for 8 hours to feel the effects.

We have also found those clients who initially said they don’t feel anything at the start. We asked them to note the health of their skin and overall well-being within a few weeks most of those clients said they saw an improvement in their skin tone and felt an overall general improvement in their well-being.

Any Other questions please Contact Antony or Alejandra on :-

info@theozonespa.co.uk or H2EPod@gmail.com or 0755 3023753



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