H2=E Hydrogen Water Generator

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This is a very portable and light weight hydrogen water bottle that can be used on the go or at home.

The following health benefits are added to your standard drinking water within 5 mins, of pressing one button.

  • Adds to your standard drinking water 3000 parts per billion of active unbound hydrogen.
  • Adds to your standard drinking water small molecular water clusters, also know as thin water
  • Adds to your standard drinking water negative ions to the water

What type of water do I need to add ?

Any purified or distilled water can be used in this bottle. This can be any bottled water you can buy from your local supermarket or local shop, e.g. from Evian, Maldon to Scottish water or Britta filtered water.

It is not recommended to add tap water, as the amount of chemicals in tap water.

Standard Water Bottle 

The design of our H2 bottle is made that you can also screw on a standard water bottle directly onto the hydrogen generator. So if you wish to make active hydrogen in another bottle you can also do this.


  • 240ml Capacity of  purified or distilled water
  • Food Grade PC/Platinum/PEM Membrane(Dupont USA)
  • BPA free
  • Size 61mm width 195mm Height
  • Takes 5 Minutes to produce hydrogen rich water
  • Charges with USB cable that is supplied
  • Any chlorine or ozone is filtered out
  • SPE+PEM Technology
  • One year warranty

H2E Hydrogen Water Generator has Dual Chamber technology; This WATER IONIZER has state-of-the-art technology based on SPE(Solid Polymer Electrolysis) and uses PEM ionic membrane for maximum hydrogen retention(More 2hrs). You’ll be left only with hydrogen rich water. The active hydrogen once made will last up to 2 hours in the bottle.

0.04 Pence Per 240ml

The price of the bottle is £95 and the life span of this bottle is about 2400 uses. This means for you purse or wallet  each time you make  240 ml of unbound H2 water it  will cost you, about 0.04 pence, plus the cost of the water.

Life Span

This bottled has been time tested this bottle, and it has been shown it has 200 hours use on the battery life. It takes 5 minutes to make the active hydrogen, this will give you 2400 uses. So lets say you use it 2 times a day then the bottle would last you about 3.28 years.


Free maintenance for one year from the date of purchase.

Problem Solving

The main part of this small yet mighty bottle is made in USA from Dupont of  Food Grade Platinum/PEM Membrane. It is best to always have water in the water bottle, as the membrane likes to been kept wet. But if it is left to dry out to much, it may not at first seem to be working as well. The solution to this, is if this happens please fill with water and leave for 24 hours and in most cases this solves the issue.

This is pretty much the only issue we have come across with this bottle.


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  1. Lindy Whiteman

    I’ve already got a hydrogen machine, and I simply got this bottle, because I love the benefits of hydrogen therapy, and because I’m out and about so much I wanted something to take with me, it is so simple to use and I use it pretty much every day and I like the thinness of the water, it feels like a fine vintage quality water

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