Hydrogen Water Featured on Diary of The CEO

I´m A Big Fan of DOAC

I’m a big fan of Diary of the CEO, and I highly recommend the channel, for scientific based information, and leading world-renowned speakers on the topic of health and wellbeing.

I thought it was going to be, only a matter time when hydrogen water and hydrogen gas was going to be mentioned on the channel. Today 1 hour 12 mins into the conversation, they started speaking about the benefits of active hydrogen, which was a nice surprise.

Gary Brecka says he is convinced that hydrogen water is the best water to put into a body.

They talked about the website www.HydrogenStudies.com That has 1335 scientific studies, that have been conducted on active hydrogen gas, showing the reduction of inflammation, improving absorption of supplements, to increasing athletic performance and many other benefits, all being backed up with scientific studies.

That people can breathe in Hydrogen gas through a cannula, or let the active hydrogen be re absorbed into the water which is held in this active state up to 5 hours before it is decapitated, back into the standard H2o. the active state is pure H2 when it is not bound to oxygen.

H2=E started in 2017 in the UK

When I first heard of active hydrogen from my GP Doctor in 2016, I thought I was a mad scientist breathing in hydrogen gas and making active hydrogen water, but now with all this scientific backing I’m thankfully feeling less of a mad scientist.

In 2017 we started supplying our customers here in the UK with hydrogen machine, and have not looked back, and more and more people are realizing the health benefits of active hydrogen, so if you’re in the UK and you’re looking for a hydrogen machine, please have a look at our product page.

Here below is the whole conversion from the Diary of the CEO. Which also includes many other gems of information in the talk.

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