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What To Look For In A Hydrogen Machine ?

There are 2 main different types of hydrogen machines

  • 100% Pure Hydrogen  output
  • Brown Gas a Mix of  66% H2 and 33% Oxygen

We believe both types have multiple health benefits. The questions we consider is what does the customer personally need ? How is the hydrogen is made ? How easy is the machine to use and maintain? What is the cost of the machine? Is it good value? and is it robustly made.

These are the questions we will look at here...

100% Pure Hydrogen Output With Distilled Water

Since we where established in 2017 we have mainly supplied  our clients with  100% pure hydrogen machines with an out put between 0 to 600 ML per minute. That you only need to add pure distilled water and nothing else, and are very easy to use and maintain. ( Off course the hydrogen your breathing in is also mixed with the air around you, which also contains 21% oxygen, so you are never just breathing in pure hydrogen)

We normally suggest these machines to our clients because, the majority of all scientific studies have been made with pure hydrogen, and Hydrogen has the main health benefits, and as soon as your breathing in hydrogen, your absorption of oxygen often goes up, as hydrogen cleans the red blood cells, which is what absorbs the oxygen.

As the air we breath already contains 21 % oxygen, so as you breath in the Hydrogen through a nasal cannula, you also breath in the air around you with the oxygen.

The point is if we change the machine to produce H2 and Oxygen, the Hydrogen output is decreased and replaced with Oxygen. All our Hydrogen Machine can be set up to produce either 100% Hydrogen output or a Mix of H2 and Oxygen, the choice is the customers.

We generally suggest the 100% Hydrogen out put as it is mixed with the air you breath. Yet for people with breathing issues , or lung cancer the Browns Gas can be more beneficial, so in these cases we recommend browns gas.

Their is debate between specialists which is best overall, brown gas or pure Hydrogen output. Our take is both are brilliant, and whether one machine has slightly more H2 or some added Oxygen, is often not the main factor in healing. We see Hydrogen Therapy as sometimes it simply helps in a small way keeping your cells clean of harmful free radicals, and sometimes it helps in a big way if you have a virus.

Brown Gas Machines With Chemicals 

You can get  browns gas machines that you have to add chemicals to the water such as KOH or NaOH the full name is potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide. Although manufactures do make these machines safe with added filters, if by accident by any means you breath in the KOH it is harmful. So for this reason we don't offer these machines, and we would rather be extra safe.

Then What Do I Do With The Hydrogen ?

Once the machine makes the H2 ,you can breath it in,  you can bubble the H2 into a glass of water to make Hydrogen rich water ,you can bubble the H2 into your bath and share the benefits that elite spas use in japan, you can wrap a bag e.g. around a leg or arm to ease pain or inflammation and you can get googles that allow the H2 to be absorbed into the eyes , to help with eyesight issues. The uses of H2 are immense. Yet the main effective way is breathing it in or making Hydrogen rich water

How Does Our H2=E Pod Produce H2?

Our H2=E Pod produces 99.9% pure Hydrogen by a technique known as electrolysis. This involves running a high electric current through the distilled water that separates hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the water, which is then collected and fed through the air canal which you breathe in.

Our Electrolysis membrane is made from  100% titanium and uses PEM Technology. The membrane is made in the  USA from a company called DuPont that gives us the high quality membrane that delivers the H2 and gives us the guaranteed CE certificate delivering 99.9% pure Hydrogen.

H2Epod E Hydrogen Inhalation For Health and Fitness Our Product

What Is The Out Flow Rate Of H2 ?

This is one of the key point that effects the cost of a Hydrogen machine. The higher the out put , the more expensive the machine is to make. Our H2=E 475 model is set to produce, around 475 ml of Hydrogen per minute. Our H2=E 600 model you can vary the output from 0 up to 600 ml per minutes.

Delivery Time

We do carry stock in Newton Abbot Devon, and deliveries are between 1 to 3 days. All orders are FREE DELIVERY in the UK


H2 Water Bottle 45 in stock 1-3 days delivery Reduced from £95 to £75


Spare Filter just for the H2 Mini machine 1 to 3 days delivery


Mini H2 Machine 7 In stock 1-3 days delivery Reduced from £499 to £475

H2=E 600 Hydrogen Pod 1

Large H2 Machine 3 in stock, delivery 1 to 3 days Reduced From £2150 to £1795

Warranty/ Customer Service

Our machines are very robustly made, the factory we use has over 20 years experience making Hydrogen machines.

The warranty is 

  • 1 year parts and labour warranty, if any issue comes up, send it back to us to our office address in Newton Abbot UK and we will fix it or send you a replacement.
  • After one year if any issues comes up and it is a straightforward part needs changing , we will charge  you retail price of the part and or hourly rate at £25 per hour.


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Any questions or info on the Hydrogen Therapy

What Dosage Of Hydrogen Do I Use ?

The research data can vary slightly depending on body weight and if the person is struggling with excess toxicity or a virus. As a general guide line from breathing in H2 at 120ml per minute the body will get to a saturation point at around 30 minutes. Then the level of H2 returns to normal levels after one hour. So what we are finding with breathing H2 is that little and often through out the day is most beneficial for most people. Yet if the person has excess toxicity people often say that they find their sweet spot of what their body needs. The nice thing with H2 Therapy is that if you have a bit to much, the only thing that happens is that it is released from the body, their is not a adverse reaction, H2 is a very safe and simple therapy. As with H2 rich water the normal amount of water you drink every day, if you energize it all with H2 is very safe and beneficial for your health.

Is Hydrogen Therapy Safe ?

The Hydrogen Therapy we recommended is very safe and easy to use. All our machines come with a CE Certificate, our factory has been making these machines for over 20 years, so we have a huge amount of experience. Plus There are over 1500 Published Medical studies on the benefits of H2 Therapy.

Peoples concern are often about H2 being Flammable, which it is, if a room or space gets to a level of 4% saturation. Yet once you understand the nature of H2 and use common sense this is not concern. So let us explain..

Hydrogen is the smallest lightest molecule in the universe, you can fit 200,000 H2 molecules across a width of one strand of your hair. The reason we say this is H2 will escape through pretty much anything apart from an airtight bag, or air tight chamber.

The machines we supply produce between 0 to 600 ml of Hydrogen per minute and this will escape any open room within seconds, H2 simply goes straight up. The normal level of hydrogen in the air we breathe is  0.00005 % . Our machines have an outflow of up to 600ml per minute, with the H2 constantly escaping this simply does not get anywhere near the level of 4% in a normal open room.

The great thing with Hydrogen Therapy is that Hydrogen is already the largest element by volume in your body, so it is not something unusual or foreign, and Hydrogen works at such a gentle effective level of simply turning harmful free radicals into water.

How To Use Your H2=E Hydrogen Pod


What Are The Running Costs?

You only need to add double distilled water 000 PPM ( Parts Per Million) which needs changing about every 4 to 5 months, and roughly every 3 weeks  may need to top the water up slightly. So the rough estimate is you will need to buy or make  5 Litres of distilled water every 6 months, which cost very little, plus the very small electrical running charge.

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