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Where Does The Hydrogen Come From?

Each of our machines makes active H2 by a technique known as electrolysis. This involves running a extremely precise electrical current through the distilled water. The electricity breaks the atomic bond and splits the water molecules into their basic elements – hydrogen and oxygen, which is then collected and fed through the air canal which you breathe in, or bubble into a glass of water.

Our Electrolysis membrane is made from 100% titanium and uses PEM Technology. The membrane is made in the USA from a company called DuPont that gives us the high-quality that delivers the H2 and gives us the guaranteed and CE certificate delivering 99.9% pure Hydrogen.

H2Epod E Hydrogen Inhalation For Health and Fitness Our Product

Flow Rate & Quality

The flow rate is one of the points that effects the cost of a HHO or H2 machine. The higher the output, the more expensive the machine is to make. Our mini machine has an out flow of 120ml per min to our larger HHO machine which goes up to 900Ml per min. The second factor that effects the price is the quality of the machine.

Delivery Time

We are based in the UK and all orders are sent out from our office in Newton Abbot Devon, and all deliveries are between 1 to 3 days via royal mail. All orders are FREE DELIVERY in the UK. Please note if you look on Amazon you may find similar machines, if they say delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks they will be coming from abroad and the customer service may not be as good as we give here in the UK.


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What to look For in A HHO or H2 Machine?

There are 2 main different types of hydrogen machines

  • 100% Pure Hydrogen output
  • Brown Gas a Mix of 66% H2 and 33% Oxygen

We believe both types have multiple health benefits. The questions we consider is what does the customer personally need? How is the hydrogen made? How easy is the machine to use and maintain? What is the cost of the machine? Is it good value? and is it robustly made.

These are the questions we will look at here...

100% Pure Hydrogen Output with just Distilled Water

In the beginning when we started in 2017, we only supplied just 100% pure hydrogen machines, as most the research has been done on pure hydrogen inhalation, and we knew the air we breathed in has 21% oxygen which is naturally mixed with the hydrogen gas, when you breath in the pure hydrogen. So, we questioned was it worth having the brown gas machines as well. As we developed our knowledge, we found clearly yes it was worth adding in a brown's gas machine, as the extra oxygen helps people with lung issues, covid and people wanting an extra boost of oxygen with many other health issues.

Our Browns Gas Machine, with Just Distilled Water

You can get browns gas machines that you have to add chemicals to the water such as KOH or NAOH the full name is potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide. Although manufactures do make these machines safe with added filters, if by accident by any means you breath in the KOH it is harmful. So, for this reason, we don't offer these machines, and we would rather be extra safe. Our HHO or Browns Gas machine you only add pure distilled water.

Quality Products

Since 2017 our focus is on supplying high quality H2 product that really deliver health benefits. We do not sell the small H2 water bottles which you may see everywhere online, because if you look at the reviews online, there are too many little problems that come up with them, from not delivering the correct PPM, to the battery not charging, to them only lasting one or 2 years. Although their maybe many happy customers with these bottles. We have a different focus.

How Do I Use Active H2?

Once your machine is making the active Hydrogen there are two main things you can do with it, either bubble it into a glass of water for 2 to 3 minutes to saturate your glass of drinking water with active H2, or you breath it in for a period of time. Both of these methods allow the active molecule hydrogen to work as an active selective antioxidant in your body.

Customer Service/ Any Questions?

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Any questions or info on the Hydrogen Therapy

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Any questions or info on the Hydrogen Therapy

What Is the Right H2 or HHO Machine for You?

The main question are clients consider, is what the right machine for themselves? What level of outflow of H2 would be best for their needs?  Here below are some guidelines, if still in doubt, please call us and we will help advice you.

We cannot treat or diagnose. Yet we can share information about how Hydrogen therapy is being used. In China and Japan HHO machines have been approved as a class 3 medical device. In Chinese and Japanese Medical Hospitals, medical Doctors prescribe HHO machines to treat as an adjunct therapy to improve symptoms (including dyspnea, cough, and sputum production) in adults with acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease" and to also to help as an adjunct therapy for heart disease and after someone has had a heart attack.

As for dosage the research data can vary depending on what the person is using it for, and if the person is struggling with excess toxicity, virus or a serious health condition. We will share this information that is emerging on dosage into 3 areas

  • For daily health care 100ml-600Ml
  • For a general home health care 600ml-1500ml
  • For medical grade, that Doctors use in China and Japan 1500ml-3000ml

Daily Health Care & Athletes

For daily health care, with no chronic health issue and for Athletes to help enhance performance, as a general guideline.  Breathing in H2 or HHO between 100ml -600ml of H2 or HHO per minute. The body will get to a saturation point at around 30-60 minutes. At which point the level of H2 will returns to normal levels after about one hour.  In this time the active H2 will be utilized as a selective antioxidant and support the other function of active H2.

For A General Home Health Care

For a home health condition, that Doctors has sent the patient home. And that the research has shown that HHO therapy can possibly help. The dosage is increased to between 600-1500 ml/min of H2 or HHO. Then it is recommended to start with a low dose of around 500ml for 15 minutes and build up slowly, with amount of time to aim for between 40-60 mins per session and finding the right amount of out flow that suits the person. 

Medical Grade for Functional Medicine Practitioner

In Chinese and Japanese hospitals, Doctors use between 1500-3000 ml per minute for serious health issues, for 40 -60 minutes treatments at a time. We are not Medical Doctors; this is beyond are field so we cannot say more. Yet more medical doctors here in the UK are becoming more aware of how in the Far East, they are using HHO. In time we are sure the NHS will class HHO machines as a medical device as in China and Japan, in the near future. On the plus side there are a growing number of Functional Medicine Doctors here in the UK combining the best of mainstream medicine and functional medicine, if you are currently seeing a functional medicine Doctor here in the UK, and they see a benefit for you to use a HHO machine at this higher out flow. We can supply theses higher output HHO machines, this is to order.

HHO or Just H2

This is something we are noticing and getting feedback on, and when we talked to a chemist, they agree on this hypothesis. All of our large machines produce HHO, and you can choose a combination of H2, and Oxygen gas mixed, as browns gas, or just H2 on its own or Just O2 on its own. What we are noticing people are saying is that breathing just pure H2 gives a more relaxing effect and is ideal if someone is stressed.  And the Browns gas is giving a more balancing effect between being alert and relaxed.

Why The Need for Bigger Out Flow Machines?

When you breath in the H2 or HHO, from one of our machines, your breath is mixed with the air you already breath. The larger the output, the larger the saturation. For example, if your machine is set at 150ml of H2 per minute, for every breath you take the H2 intake will be around 2% of that breath. If you breath HHO or H2 set at 300ml per minute, each breath that is mixed with the air, will give you a saturation of H2 of around 4%, and so on the calculation goes up so for breathing HHO or H2 at 900 ml per minute that would give you around a 12% saturation of H2 in each breath. Certain parts of the body e.g. ligaments and joints it is harder for the H2 to be absorbed, so higher saturation can possibly be helpful, for more chronic conditions.

H2 Water

To make hydrogen water therapeutic and to give a clinical effect, the research has been conducted between 1.8 to 7.2 Milligrams and between 500ml to 2 liters of water. 7PPM = 3.5mg.  In simple terms the water needs to be in a high hydrogen concentration to be effective.

What Are the Running Costs?

You only need to add distilled water as under 0003PPM (Parts Per Million), which needs changing about every 3 months, and the machine will tell you if the water needs changing before then, and then roughly every 2 weeks you may need to top up the distilled water slightly, and the water level is shown on the side of the machine. The rough estimate cost you will need is to buy or make 5 Liters of distilled water every 6 months, which cost very little, plus the very small electrical running charge.