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I have been interested in Natural Health Care since I was 18 years old, and I have a diploma in Shiatsu Massage and Dru Yoga , I studied a 1 Year Food Energetics Nutrition course in Bath , I have a qualification in palaeobotany, I've studied Ozone and PEMF Therapy in health clinics alongside medical doctors and I  have written a health book called Your Greatest Wealth. Throughout this time I have been fascinated in what are the best and simplest things that can help improve health and wellbeing for myself and my clients.

I first heard about Hydrogen Therapy when I bought a Kangen Water machine about 15 years ago, and I could see the ORP the oxidation reduction potential in these machines for making the water Hydrogen rich. From then I experienced the benefits of Hydrogen, I knew Hydrogen rich water was good, yet later discovered Hydrogen Inhalation as well. Now with our machines I get the best of both Hydrogen rich water and hydrogen inhalation. 

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I have learned a lot since I started my journey following a more healthy lifestyle. I used to take a lot of health supplements, yet today I take hardly any and I am a lot more specific with what supplements I do take.

Hydrogen is a prime example because it is the most effective antioxidant I have come across, so as I breathe in Hydrogen or drink hydrogen rich water I know I am helping to create a Homeostatic balance between my free radicals and harmful antioxidants and I simply don't need any other antioxidants.

The only other daily supplements I take are C60, some fish oil, vitamin D3 K2 and iodine . I do use medical herbs occasionally and some minerals if there is a deficiency, and sometimes I use some hormone balance if I need it, yet I aim to keep everything as simple as I can.

People who know me, know that I have pretty much tried and tested out everything over the years. Breathing in Hydrogen has made a huge but simple difference, without doubt, Hydrogen Inhalation is in my top 5 recommendations for Natural Health Tips. If your in good health the benefits may feel very subtle, yet if you have a virus and under the weather with a health condition, then the positive effects can be felt much more. 

I am personally inhaling Hydrogen myself from 30 minutes to 2 hours a day, whilst I am either working at my desk, reading a book, watching a film or having a nap. What I find interesting is , if I leave the H2 out for over a week, and then try it for an hour, I can feel the subtle benefits so much more, its like when you have cleaned your room, it just feels better, H2 for me is like the same things it cleans out rubbish from your body and you just feel better because of it.

I know hydrogen is not a magic wand for disease or the ultimate thing for fitness, yet it is pretty amazing it has a lot of scientific research to back it up and the testimonies are outstanding.

I believe if you combine a coherent mind with wholesome nutrition, hormone balancing, regular exercise, healthy home with some added tools such as Hydrogen you have an amazing formula for good health.

This is why I have developed the H2=E Hydrogen Pods for people looking to improve their health and fitness, it is one of those things that can make a simple yet effective difference to people's lives.

I started H2=E Pods in 2017, and now I have my wife Alejandra and 2 children Kerim and Maya, and have decided to live in Mexico as my main residence. In 2021 I have teamed up with my good friend Richard Hart, to look after our customers in the UK and to expand H2=E pods as more people in the UK are realizing the health benefits of hydrogen.

I continue to research and blog about Hydrogen Therapy from sunny Mexico, and I still give on line health consultations from my website www.TheAlchemyRoom.co.uk specialising in AIC Therapy, which helps rebuild bone density.

To your health and happiness

Antony Taylor
Creator of The H2=E Pod and Natural Health Coach                                                                                                                                                                                  

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