Our Story Going Back 2004

Between Antony and Andy there is 40 years of experience working with natural health and fitness. Antony and Andy have been friends for over 18 years, and it is both their absolute passion helping their clients improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Throughout this time, they have been fascinated in what are the best and simplest things that can help improve health and wellbeing for themselves and their clients, and Hydrogen Therapy is one of those simple things that works well.

They first heard about Hydrogen Therapy when they bought a Kangen Water machine about 15 years ago in 2010, and I could see the ORP the oxidation reduction potential in these machines for making the water Hydrogen rich. From then they experienced the benefits of Hydrogen, they knew Hydrogen rich water was good, yet later discovered Hydrogen Inhalation as well. Now with our machines we get the best of both Hydrogen rich water and hydrogen inhalation. 


At age 14 Tony was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and at 35 years old diagnosed with cancer. So, from an early age he was on the lookout for anything that could help. Now thankfully after that diagnosis at 35 and a big gratitude of some surgery from the NHS. Tony has been in great health, and now at 50 years old is married to his life partner for 7 years and has 2 healthy children.

Tony is a big believer is the best of mainstream medicine and functional medicine.

People who know Tony, know that he has pretty much tried and tested out everything over the 30 years. Breathing in hydrogen and drinking active hydrogen has made a huge but simple difference, to him. 

Tony personally inhales Hydrogen from 30 minutes to 2 hours a day, at around 400ml per minute, whilst he is either working at his desk, reading a book, watching a film or having a nap.

He knows hydrogen therapy is not a magic wand for disease or the ultimate thing for fitness, yet he knows if he had covid or a nasty virus he would want it by his side for sure, and as part of a generally daily health protocol for longevity it's a no brainer.   

Antony has written a health and wellbeing book called your greatest wealth, and with every order a free PDF copy is sent out. He believes Hydrogen therapy helps with many things, yet for really good health you need to combine it with other techniques and methods, the book covers many of these areas.


If you would like to learn more about, Tony´s top 10 health tips that he has used over these years here is a link to his blog