Is Hydrogen Water Expensive, or Not ?

Isn’t Hydrogen Already In Water ?

Yes H2 is already in water, but it is bound to Oxygen as H20. When H2 is bound to Oxygen it is not in its active form, only when it is unbound from the oxygen, does H2, turn into its active form. In this form their have been over 1200+ and 85+ human studies about its potential health benefits. Including 80+ clinical trials, molecular hydrogen is emerging as one of the most exciting research topics to health, wellness, and longevity of life.

Is Hydrogen Water Expensive, or Not ?

The really questions is how do you get your active hydrogen water, and in this blog we will show you, that their are  different ways to get active unbound hydrogen rich water, from hydrogen capsules, hydrogen water already made in a sachet, to how you can make your own hydrogen water, and each way deliveries unbound active hydrogen, so they are all great. Yet they all vary greatly in price, and they are all deliver the same thing unbound active H2 water.

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has written an article about the health benefits of hydrogen water. If you would like to read the article from The Daily Mail website please click on the title below…

Gulp! Forget the juice cleanse, the new celebrity health craze is good old H2O super-infused with hydrogen – and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are sipping the benefits

In the article it  mentions about  celebrities such as  Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Zac Efron among them – are said to be drinking active hydrogen water, and  mentions the brand H Factor, the price is  $2.99  for 325ml. This maybe convenient for celebrities, yet it is at the top end of the prices.

Our Hydrogen Water Bottle

Many times when you make something your self it is often cheaper in price. With technology now we have our own brand  hydrogen water bottle, that when you pour into the bottle, your own filtered water e.g. Evian, Maldon or Scottish water, Brita filtered water or any good quality filtered water, and then press one button, and wait 5 minutes you have just made 240 ml of active unbound hydrogen rich water.

The price of the bottle is £95 and the life span of this bottle is about 2400 uses. This means for you purse or wallet  each time you make  240 ml of unbound H2 water it  will cost you, about 0.04 pence, plus the cost of the water.

Hydrogen Fizzy Tablets

Another way to make unbound H2 water is by, hydrogen capsules that has a special type of magnesium in the capsule, that when you add the capsule to a glass of  water, it produces active hydrogen in the water. The price is  $45 for 60 capsules so each capsule costs 0.75 cents which makes one glass of water.

Hydrogen Machine

Also  we have our own brand mini hydrogen machines which cost £499, and have a life span of 3000 to 5000 hours, and it will take between 2 to 3 minutes, to turn any standard drinking water to unbound hydrogen rich water. This would mean each glass will cost about 0.007 pence. Plus with this machine you can also breath in, active H2 gas at 120 ml per minutes. Some studies show that drinking active hydrogen goes to different parts of the body compared to breathing it in, so doing both your getting the hydrogen to possibly more parts of the body.


So off course we are trying to recommended our own Hydrogen devices, and also letting you know that although the initial cost of our hydrogen devices my sound expensive yet in the long term we think they are good value for our customers.

Both the hydrogen products we mentioned are good quality products and if you have not already tested out hydrogen therapy for yourself we do think  they are a good place to test it out for yourself.

The main point is, keep healthy and happy and live your life to the full and hydrogen therapy can help you on your journey of life to  increase your longevity, health and fitness.

We are based in the UK in sunny Newton abbot, Any questions please contact us, via our contact page.

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