Tony´s Top 10 Key Health Tips

Some Gems Over 30 Years!

I’m 50 years old now, married with my life partner for 7 years now, with 2 healthy Kids, and I´m in good health.  Yet I started looking into natural health remedies when I was 17 years old after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at 14, at 35 I got diagnosed with cancer of the large intestine with a lot of gratitude I thank the NHS for the surgery and medical help that saved my life.

At H2=E Hydrogen Pods here in the UK. We have many clients coming to us with a host of different aliments looking for natural health solution, and although active hydrogen acts as probably the best selective antioxidant, and it is a class 3 medical device in China and Japan.  To me active hydrogen is part of the puzzle for helping myself and our clients to get healthy or, to stay healthy.

If you would like to know more about this incredible tiny yet mighty molecule active hydrogen, please check out our website here.

In this blog I will share with you, what are those key health gems that have stayed with me over the years, that has helped me stay healthy, and I hope from this blog you may see things that may help you, on your health journey.

1.Human Garage

By joe, I wish I knew about Human Garage 25 years ago. I’ve had pain from my neck, shoulders back, hips ankles, for over 25 years, from an injury, and I´ve seen some of the best body workers, from Rolfing therapists to using the  Feldenkrais method to physiotherapist and loads more, and I´ve spent a small fortune on them, all of them helped a little bit, but the human garage team have a range of movements that unlock the stuck fascia, which was the area that was holding the pain in my case and I did not properly addressed until I practiced these movement, and I pretty much do about 15 minutes of these movements every day.

To get these movement to release pain in the body for free, this is my first recommendation. to find out more please go to their website and join the free membership where you can watch and learn these gold dust movements Enroll – Human Garage its all free.

This video below is one of the strongest, more difficult moves to master it, for my 25 years of neck pain, it got rid of it after using this movement over 3 weeks. Thank you so much to the Human Garage team.

2.Morning Drink.

First thing when I wake up each morning I have a pint of water. Then I add into that pint of water, a scoop of electrolytes, 3 grams of creatine, 5 drops of fulvic minerals and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, and then let the hydrogen machine bubble in active Hydrogen for 3 minutes and then drink.

3.Take Your Sleep Seriously

I´m passionate about good quality sleep, and to get a good night sleep. I think about my day as a bank balance, that I collect tokens or lose tokens though out my day, and my balance sheet at the end of the day determines the quality of sleep I get.

This is the list of things that I look out for on my balance sheet…

  • I try to get some early morning sunlight, if possible, the first 45 minutes of sunlight contains more of the red light, that has benefits of increasing your melatonin.
  • I’m cautious with caffeine, 2 black teas is my max per day, and I avoid coffee, maybe once a month.
  • I have black out curtains and keep my room as dark as possible.
  • I balance my blood sugar spikes throughout the day which I will share more in this blog below.
  • I have a cut of point with my phone around 7pm. If you watch your phone in the middle of the night you will increase your cortisol levels and decrease your melatonin level. Becoming aware of how blue light from phones, TV, computer screens effect your sleep is very valid to be aware of.
  • Just before I fall asleep, I take some deep slow breaths, imaging I’m filling up a barrel, then I think of 3 things that me gives a feeling / sense of satisfaction form the day. And then I plant a seed thought that tomorrow morning I’m going to wake e.g., ready for the day, I´m going to wake up the happiest person in the world.
  • If I wake up a bit to early or if I get a wave of tiredness during the day, I put on a NSDR deep relaxation and I think Ally Boothroyd is really fantastic at guiding the process, here is one of her videos below she’s a diamond.
  • I am pretty much t total, once a month a I will have a nice cocktail. Having alcohol before sleep reduces your sleep quality considerable.
  • The key supplement I have found for sleep is Magnesium Glycinate.

4.Glucose Spikes

Jessie Inchauspe, has brought simple clarity to me, about food. It has similarities to how I started with the specific carbohydrate diet in 1989, yet I think it is even clearer, I think she is brilliant with her 10 hacks on balancing blood sugar levels, which does not matter if you’re a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan, rather it focusses on what she has very carefully researched as a biochemist, on how you eat effects your blood sugar spikes, the smaller your spikes the longer you will live, and the less health issue you have. I absolutely love this clarity and to find out more here is her video, with the dairy of a Ceo, Brillant, here is the link below.

5.Health Supplements

Sadly, I think in today’s world with the poor soil quality, and the overuse of processed foods. I think health supplementation is becoming more needed. In this PDF handout in the image below, is my condensed version, of what I believe is some of the best health supplements, and how to use them, it has taken me years to get this clarity, and here it is for, if you click the image, you will get the PDF.


I do between 20 to 30 mins per of high intensity exercise 3 times a week, when I was younger, it was 4 times a week, I have found my body recovers slower as I age, so I´m listening to my body. The aim is to grow old gracefully with good health. The research of doing some exercise each day is crystal clear, it helps your mood, your bone structure, your immune system, your sleep, pretty much everything.


I’m a big believer of grounding, I aim to walk bear feet on grass at least once a day, normally I wake up, get my morning drink, and then walk barefoot on the grass and do some human garage fascia stretches. The health benefits of grounding are clearly visible with looking at a blood sample before and after under a microscope, in short, the red blood cells, are more free moving, rather than being more stuck togther after grounding.

8.The 3 Principles

Understanding the 3 principles, is a foundation to how I rest in my mind as much as possible, this is my go-to place in all moments from feeling stressed to feeling happy. The simple wisdom of the 3Ps by Sidney Banks is simple genius to me, and here is a video from Michael Neil explaining about it.

9.The Wim Hoff Method

I practice with my wife pretty much every day the Wim Hoff breathing technique at 6 am. I have found in the same way, if you get your blood sugar spikes wrong in the morning it carries on a ripple effect through the day, I find the same thing with breathing, that if I set my breathing in the morning with an exercise like the one below, this calm energized energy  carries on through the day. Most people do not breath well, and this exercise helps me to re set my breathing, I highly recommend you give it a try if you have not already.

Kitaro Waga guides this practice at a nice easy pace that suits most people.

As well as this I have an ice bath a least twice a week, which I found difficult to start with, yet now it is more addictive than difficult. Every shower I have I end with a cold shower.

10.Steady Breathing

I also love this steady breathing method below, that within 5 minutes of doing this, brings me instant calm. Absolute genius from Take a Breath on you tube. Any times I´m feeling a bit hyped stressed energy this is my go-to.

Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

All of the above, hardly cost any money a day, yet the daily cultivation of this I believe is priceless.

In today’s world 1 billion people are overweight. Every health issue is increasing even though we have the best medicine, and health knowledge,10% of kids have ADHD. For the first time in history the younger generation is expected to have a lower life expectancy. So, something is going wrong.

I´m a strong believer in preventive medicine, to stay healthy in the first place. In America 530,000 families file for bankruptcy each year due to medical bills, 66.5% of all bankruptcy are due to medical bills.75% of the population are overweight. The estimated global cost of cancer between 2020 and 2050 will be $25.2 trillion US Dollars.

This is why I strongly believe in staying healthy and looking after my health, as so many health problems come from lifestyle habits which are possibly avoidable if you have good lifestyle habits. 

I hope this blog gives you some simple health hacks that work and improve your health and wellbeing.

To your Health and Happiness



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  1. Hi Toni,

    I met you many moons 🌙 ago in Exeter at a health conference. The information you have just shared is amazing! Thank you so much. 🙏

    1. Hi Lisa, I remember you; I hope all is well that Exeter conference must have been about 11 years ago that was a very good conference. Happy to hear the information gave you a boost. Lots more to come

    1. Hi Cathryn
      Thanks for your question, all our H2 machines make active H2 water, by simply putting a diffusion stone onto the out flow and let it bubble away for about 2 to 3 minutes. The active H2 water acts as an antioxidant

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