Benefits Of Hydrogen For Athletes

H2Epod E Hydrogen Inhalation For Health and Fitness Benefits Of Hydrogen For Athletes

This video from Tywon at H2 Minutes explains some of the key benefits of Hydrogen for Athletes and this blog is inspired by Tywon H2 Minutes video.

Hydrogen Water or Hydrogen Inhalation

The research from this video and blog has come from research on hydrogen-rich water, we know hydrogen-rich water is effective at delivering hydrogen to the body. We can presume if a study on hydrogen-rich water is effective and give these results, it is very likely to be equally or more effective with Hydrogen Inhalation, as the quantity of Hydrogen that can be absorbed through Hydrogen Inhalation per day can be that much greater.

Athletes can benefit from Hydrogen supplementation in 4 key areas of sports from…

  • Performance
  • Endurance
  • Protection
  • Recovery

Hydrogen has the potential to increase  the performance of an Athlete by helping reduce build up of  lactic acid. So Athletes can train harder.

In a research trial, Hydrogen-rich water showed…

“Two weeks of Hydrogen-Rich Water intake may help to maintain peak power output in repetitive sprints  to exhaustion over 30 minutes”

Hydrogen can help the cell produce more energy before, after, and during exercise this can help athletes push through physical activity, to keep going for longer.

Hydrogen helps reduce Oxidative Stress/ Free Radicals. As Hydrogen is an effective and selective antioxidant. Unlike many antioxidants which target all free radicals, Hydrogen spares beneficial free radicals such as Nitric Oxide, which helps in the dilation of the arteries.

A research trial on Hydrogen-rich water showed…

“Hydrogen Therapy may be an effective and specific innovative treatment for exercise-induced oxidative stress and sports injury with the potential for the improvement of exercise performance”

“Drinking hydrogen water represents a potentially novel therapeutic and preventative strategy for metabolic syndrome”

A research trail Hydrogen showed…

“Oral and topical hydrogen intervention resulted in a faster return to normal joint range of motion from both flexion and extension of the injured limb as compared with the control intervention”

“The addition of Hydrogen to traditional treatment protocols is potentially effective in the treatment of soft tissue injuries in professional athletes”

Our Feed Back

What we have heard back from our clients who are using Hydrogen Inhalation for sports is that when they breathe in the Hydrogen from the H2=E Pod they often report they feel no benefits, but the next day when they train, many clients say they have clearly more steady energy and can train longer and harder. We have found that our Sports clients who have a consistent protocol