Thermal Imaging Experiment With H2

Can Thermal Imaging Show Any Health Benefits With H2 Therapy ?

At H2=E we recently conducted a thermal imaging study to see if there was any measurable impact from a single 30 minute session of breathing hydrogen gas from one of our hydrogen machines. The results were quite impressive! If you look at the before and after images, you can see less red areas which often relate to issues of inflammation, injury, dysfunction or excessive metabolic activity. These scans show an overall calming and relaxation effect indicated by the generally lower temperature, along with reduced inflammation particularly in the head and neck areas – which likely relate to sinuses and lymph.
The 48 year Male in this study also said. He felt slightly more relaxed and noticed that I had less tension in his muscles – and his ability to touch his toes was improved. He also noticed that a slight clicking in his jaw was much improved.






What Type Of Hydrogen Machine Did We Use ?

The machine used for this study was the Mini-Hydrogen machine which cost £499 which can be used for breathing hydrogen gas and also making hydrogen water to drink.


In this study, we made sure the clients body, stayed at normal room temperature. and also this client had not used any hydrogen therapy for over a one month period, to get the best test possible result.

Although this is not a scientific study, and this is only one study. We simply wanted to see if breathing in 30 minutes of Hydrogen at 120ml per minutes showed any improvements on a medical thermal imaging camera. Which the photos clearly showed.

Although this study demonstrates the immediate impact of hydrogen therapy. The real benefits are attained with regular daily use. With ongoing daily intake of hydrogen we can assist the body in overcoming many health problems & imbalances, recover quicker from exercise and also promote longevity.

Our Standard Protocol 

Our standard protocol at H2E is to breath in the Hydrogen for 30 minutes twice a day and any water you drink you activate it with the hydrogen diffusion stone for about 2 to 3 minutes before you drink the water, so you get the unbound H2 in your drinking water as well, and from this protocol we get great feed back such as  Less joint pain, clearer thinking, better energy levels overall improvement in general health.

Their is a great video below from The Hydrogen Man with a testimony. If you live in The United Sates and are looking for a hydrogen machine here is his link to find out more

To your health and happiness

The H2E Team

Andy, Tony and Alejandra

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