Why I Use A Hydrogen Machine !!!

I´ve been using active hydrogen for about 15 years now for the therapeutic effects, and in this blog I´m going to be sharing with you why I used Active H2, in the past to help with my cancer recovery and why I use it pretty much daily.

For My Cancer Recovery

Back in 2009 when was 35 I had cancer of the large intestine, which I had surgery to remove my large intestine, the surgery was thankfully a success, and  from that point I wanted to do everything I could to recover my health, I had some sessions of chemotherapy, which was not the nicest experience, yet I combined it with active hydrogen water, at this stage I did not know about hydrogen gas , yet my oncologist at the time said there was no harm in adding in active hydrogen water, and it was backed up with some scientific research, that showed that active hydrogen water had no negative effects with the chemotherapy drug, yet it helped clear up the toxicity mess in the body.

So, it was a simple yes for me, to add it in with my protocol of organic low carb nutrition, a handful of health supplements, fun exercise which I love badminton, and I made my own vegetable garden, that had such a positive on that part of me with reconnecting with nature and slowing down, and very thankfully 15 years on, I´m all healthy, married with a beautiful women of 7 years and we have 2 amazing children, and currently designing a health workshop called Raise The Standard, that will combine many gems I´ve learnt over the years.

For Reducing Symptoms of Covid

I´ve had covid a few times now, and whether I have a normal cold or covid, I have found very clearly in my personal experience breathing in active H2 helped me reduce my symptoms. The first time I had covid it was the worst cold virus I’ve experienced, and I had times where I was struggling with breathing. This was one of the wow moments I´ve had with breathing in H2, that within 30mins of breathing in H2 my breathing improved considerably. By no means did it get rid of the virus that took my body another 12 days, but breathing H2 really helped me reduce the symptoms.

For Making Myself Feel More Calm

As I’m writing this blog, I’m breathing in H2 and listening on my headphones 40 Hz GAMMA Binaural Beats, Ambient Study Music for Focus and Concentration on You Tube, this helps me get into my flow state, writing content.  I may not get a big wow moment with breathing in H2 as with helping with covid or recovering from cancer, yet I can feel the difference, when I do and when I Don´t. Breathing in the H2 makes me feel a bit calmer, and a bit more at ease, and I can feel the effect afterwards in the day feeling the body is working a bit better or cleaner, it makes me feel a bit fresher.

For General Health

In my life I’ve done so many things to get my body out of balance from drinking to alcohol, excess coffee, sugar filled drinks, eating junk food, getting over stressed, burning the candle at both ends and so on. I´ve come to a point in my life where I know that if I did not have the hinderous of ulcerative colitis when I was 14 years old and the wakeup call at 35 years old with cancer. My life today would not be anywhere near as rewarding as it would be, because of these challenges drove me to discover many amazing things, and the direction of my life clearly changed. Before these challenges I was working in a warehouse in Birmingham importing and exporting handbags and Travel bags, which was not too bad, yet without these challenges I would still be there, I would not be the person Iam today without these challenges.

I believe we all have this original design in us, that we are incredible healthy, yet with all the things I use to do to get myself incredible out of balance, it took me further from this original design. I know that this design has a vibration a frequency, and the more I can tune into it, happy days. So, I have my routines and rituals in the day that help me a bit, to get re- tuned in with this original design, yet in today’s world it is not the easiest thing to do, plus with I´ve put myself out of balance a lot in life, yet I make an attempt at it daily. So, adding in a few glasses of active H2 water with some shilajit and breathing in some H2 helps me with keeping me a bit healthier.

For Any Health Problem

Some people spend a lot of money on health insurance, my Dad did, yet the first time he needed to use it at the age of 64 he had a heart attack, he was taken to a private hospital in Torquay, and the Doctor at the private hospital recommended to move him to the main NHS hospital as it has better equipment, and sadly he died within 2 days in the NHS hospital.

Where I like to spend my money is not on insurance, but rather prevention, and a hydrogen machine is one of those things I’ve invested in this for myself and family. I know hydrogen is no cure for any illness or disease. Yet I also know with any illness, disease, surgery or simply feeling not well, it will more than likely increase my inflammation and toxicity in the body, and active H2 water and H2 gas helps with pretty much any health problem or recovery, this is why I want a hydrogen machine next me if I have any health problem.

To your health and happiness


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